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Hannah Schmidt Hannah Schmidt is a medieval art historian by training and a research development administrator by trade, working primarily […]

Samantha Ehrlich Samantha Ehrlich is a reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist whose research focuses on pregnancy exposures, behaviors, and outcomes related […]

Joseph Winberry Joseph Winberry will soon be a PhD graduate of the College of Communication and Information. His dissertation explores […]

Joel Anderson Joel G. Anderson is an associate professor in the College of Nursing. He leads research to examine family […]

Carmanelette Johnson Rawls Carmanelette Johnson Rawls is a native of Montgomery, Alabama, and is the proud wife of Damon Rawls. […]

Miranda Rutan Miranda Rutan (she/her) is a second-year doctoral student in the higher education administration program in the College of […]

McClung Museum The university’s McClung Museum brings together natural history, cultural, and art collections to create a space for convergence, […]

Sofie Janssen Sofie Janssen, originally from Los Angeles, comes from a multicultural background and enjoys exploring her Dutch and African […]

Jillian Walton Jillian Walton is a microbiology PhD candidate in Professor Alison Buchan’s lab. Her research focuses on investigating microbial […]

Kimberly Mitchell Kimberly Mitchell is an assistant professor of graphic design. Her research focuses on understanding and improving experiences that […]