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2023 Rising UT Woman Award

The Rising UT Woman Award recognizes a woman in the early stages of her professional path who has made great strides in her area and shows exceptional promise for future accomplishments.

Hannah Schmidt

Hannah Schmidt

Hannah Schmidt is a medieval art historian by training and a research development administrator by trade, working primarily with arts and humanities faculty. Before coming to UT, she worked for a Renaissance sculpture dealer, Scientific American, and an art logistics firm in New York City.

What does being a Volunteer mean to you? How has UT empowered you to make a difference in a way you might not have imagined elsewhere?

“I am not an artist or musician and my design skills are nonexistent, but I have the incredible honor of lifting up the faculty at UT who possess those skills in abundance. It’s humbling to be around so many people with such interesting ideas and awe-inspiring craft and scholarship. My job isn’t about me at all; it’s about the arts, humanities, and design faculty whose work is engaging, innovative, and generous of spirit.”