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Ann Robinson-Craig Ann Robinson-Craig served as budget director for the College of Arts and Sciences for more than 30 years. […]

Alexander Greenhalgh Alexander Greenhalgh is a senior in material science and engineering with minors in math and computer science from […]

David Keffer David J. Keffer has worked as an engineering professor at UT since 1998. He leads a computational research […]

Daniel Dassow Daniel Dassow is an English and religious studies major who served as editor-in-chief of the Daily Beacon, UT’s […]

Team led by Vitaly Ganusov and Michael Langston This team of researchers, led by Vitaly Ganusov and Michael Langston, is […]

Hannah Schmidt Hannah Schmidt is a medieval art historian by training and a research development administrator by trade, working primarily […]

Melissa Cardon Melissa S. Cardon is the Haslam Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the research director for the […]

Georgi Gardiner Georgi Gardiner is an assistant professor of philosophy. Before that she was the Andrew Fraser Junior Research Fellow […]

Samantha Ehrlich Samantha Ehrlich is a reproductive and perinatal epidemiologist whose research focuses on pregnancy exposures, behaviors, and outcomes related […]