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2023 Extraordinary Graduate Student Teaching

Nicholas Grondin

Nicholas Grondin

Nicholas “Nick” Grondin is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and Sustainability. He earned a BS in meteorology from the University of South Alabama and an MS in geography from Louisiana State University. His research at UT focuses on hurricane climatology, hazards, and applied climatology. At UT, Grondin has taught multiple courses such as meteorology, climate change and human response, and natural hazards. This fall, he will begin his career as an assistant professor at the University of Tampa.

What does being a Volunteer mean to you? How has UT empowered you to make a difference in a way you might not have imagined elsewhere?

“Being a Volunteer means I know I have to give my all in every aspect of my life. I am not someone who just settles to complete a task, but rather I always strive to put maximum effort in my research, in the classroom, and through my service activities. By being at UT, I think I have been empowered to make the biggest difference in the classroom. Graduate student teaching is so well supported here—I can’t imagine having the success I have had in the classroom had I gone elsewhere.”