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Research and Creative Achievement

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Office of Research and Engagement (ORE) is pleased to invite applications for the FY23 Provost Award for Research and Creative Achievement.

Program Objective

The purpose of these awards is to recognize tenured faculty members who have received national and/or international recognition in their field, to stimulate research and creative achievement, and to emphasize that faculty research and creative achievement are integral to the mission of the University of Tennessee.

Award Priorities

Awards recognizes a faculty member who has received national and/or international recognition in their field and have shown a significant impact on their discipline.


Nominees must be tenured faculty: associate or full professors only, must have more than 10 years of professional experience in a tenure-line position at the time of nomination, and must have been a tenure-line UT faculty member for at least three years at the time of nomination. Those who have been awarded the PPRCA or RCA within the past 10 years are ineligible. Distinguished Scientists, Chairs of Excellence, Governor’s Chairs are ineligible.

Award Terms

Four recipients will receive a $3,000 monetary award at the Academic Honors Banquet scheduled for spring 2023.

Application Guidelines

Please indicate items that have been subjected to external evaluation and those publications or proposals where nominee is the senior author or the principal investigator.

  1. Nomination Letter: Department head provides a letter of recommendation that describes the quality of the nominee’s research or creative achievement preferably in the context of disciplinary expectations. (Limit to one single-spaced typed page using 11-point typeface).
  2. Supporting Documentation: Provide the following information for the last five years (full CVs will not be accepted):
    • List performances exhibits, publications, papers, etc., of peer recognition:
      • Articles in refereed journals (include volume, issue, page numbers)
      • Abstracts and/or papers published as proceedings of professionally recognized organizations (include publisher and date)
      • Monographs, chapters in books, non-refereed articles, etc. (give complete references)
      • Books (include publisher and date)
      • Performances (include dates, locations, audience)
      • Exhibits (include dates, locations, audience)
      • Other
    • List grants, contracts, fellowships, etc., for the last five years. Include dates, dollar amount, duration and source for each.
    • Provide names of graduate students supervised for the last five years and the title of their theses and/or dissertations, with the date degrees awarded. If available, provide information on former doctoral students, i.e., how many in career, where they are, judgment concerning career, etc.
    • Provide evidence of national and international involvement and recognition. Give dates and complete information for the last five years.

Submission Process

  • Department head selects one faculty member who meets the eligibility requirements and provides a nomination letter.
  • Department head or proxy completes the online form attaching the Department head’s nomination letter and supporting documentation.
  • Nominations that do not adhere to the guidelines will not be considered (e.g., exceeding page limits, failure to include all sections, etc.)

Review Process

  • Deadline: Department head nominates faculty member by completing online application by January 13, 2023.
  • Evaluation: A subcommittee of the Research Council will evaluate the applications and make recommendations to the assistant vice chancellor for research development.
  • Selection Results: Four applicants will be selected and notified at the Academic Honors banquet scheduled for spring 2023.

Please direct inquiries to:
Telephone: 865 974 0437