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2023 Charles R. Burchett Extraordinary Contributions to Campus Life

The Charles R. Burchett Extraordinary Contributions to Campus Life Award is named for the World War II veteran, former Knox County Schools administrator, and UT dean of students to honor students and student organizations for extraordinary contributions to campus life.

Bangladesh Students Association

Bangladesh Students AssociationThe Bangladesh Student Association at the University of Tennessee has a primary mission to promote the culture and traditions of Bangladesh on campus. BSA achieves this by organizing a variety of events and programs throughout the academic year, including the International Coffeehouse, International Festival, and Bangladesh World Showcase Program. BSA’s cultural booth at the International Festival won the prize for best booth, showcasing their dedication and commitment to promoting their rich culture. To maximize their impact, BSA also participates in other community events such as the Knox Asian Festival, where they perform cultural dances and showcase traditional attire. As the BSA grew, the organization recognized the importance of supporting its members and ensuring a smooth transition for new members arriving from Bangladesh. The association offers assistance with airport transportation, securing accommodations, and organizing orientation events to help new members adjust to life in Knoxville and overcome homesickness. BSA plans a variety of events throughout the year to engage its members and the UT community, such as movie nights, game nights, and other cultural events. By providing a welcoming and inclusive environment, BSA helps its members feel at home at the University of Tennessee while sharing the rich heritage and traditions of Bangladesh with the broader community. When faced with difficulties, individually or collectively, Vols take pride in supporting one another. This spirit of togetherness and mutual support is a defining characteristic of the UT community, and it helps to create a welcoming and supportive environment for all who are a part of it. BSA embraces this Volunteer spirit.