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2016 Graduate Student Teaching Award

The Graduate Student Teaching Award honors graduate student excellence in instruction.

David Jiang

David JiangDavid Jiang, a PhD candidate in business, is already considered an expert in strategic management and entrepreneurship. He utilizes a range of teaching methods and approaches to inspire critical thinking and the application of theory to real-life situations. For the past two years, he’s encouraged over 99 percent of his students to contribute to the college’s Senior Impact campaign. He leaves a lasting impression on his students and encourages them to use their entrepreneurial skills to help their community.

Alicia Johnson

Alicia JohnsonAlicia Johnson is a doctoral candidate in sport studies. She excels in teaching sociocultural foundations of sport and recreation, a subject that challenges students to think critically about issues rooted in often unfamiliar aspects of history and philosophy. She shares her own experiences and fosters open dialogue in the classroom. Her background in teaching in Uganda gives her an international perspective. She received the Educator’s Hall of Honor Scholarship in 2014 and has already co-authored four peer-reviewed articles and three book chapters, with even more research in the works.

Kali Mobley

Kali MobleyKali Mobley is a doctoral candidate in rhetoric, writing, and linguistics. Her excellent teaching reviews have prompted her more experienced colleagues to take their own notes about tips to improve their courses. She works to create community in the classroom and presents ideas so that they are accessible to all levels. She was appointed assistant director of the Writing Center and tutor trainer for first-year graduate students, a position the department entrusts to their best tutors and teachers.