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2015 Excellence in Advising

Excellence in Advising is bestowed by the Office of the Chancellor and the Teaching Council of the Faculty Senate to honor outstanding work in advising.

Sebastien Dubreil

Sebastien DubreilSebastien Dubreil wants to see the students he advises “write their own song of success.” He works to establish a mentoring relationship grounded in good listening and conversations that help empower students. One student said, “This man does not just open doors. He guides you to new doors and makes you believe you can open them.” Dubreil believes the work that he and others do shapes the way students approach college, what they do when they arrive, and what they do when they graduate.

Jeffrey Reinbolt

Jeffrey ReinboltJeffrey Reinbolt sees his advising role as part of an active teaching endeavor. He has seen that students learn the most when they discover the context of their educational experience within their abilities, aspirations, and life beyond the university campus. This philosophy resonates with those he serves, as he has received eight nominations from current and former students. Each student mentions his ability to build strong relationships while still pushing them out of their comfort zone. One student noted, “He taught me that an advisor is someone who is able to provide support to his mentees and push them to do things they didn’t believe they could.”

Laura Stetler

Laura StetlerLaura Stetler believes all her advising appointments involve an element of teaching, whether it’s about the student’s curriculum or UT policy. She wants students to leave with a clear picture of what is expected. Stetler emphasizes that every individual has different goals. Her students appreciate her caring approach. One former student said, “She’s dried my tears of stress and laughed away my fears and failures. She is the sole reason for where I am today in my education.”

Mark Willoughby

Mark Willoughby Mark Willoughby sees academic advising as an integral part of a student’s college experience. He strives to be a consistent mentor with whom the student can develop a professional relationship. He also notes that an advisor has the ability to help students create a lasting connection to the university. A student said, “Mark is more than just an academic advisor. He spends so much time getting to know his students and helping them understand the value that they have to offer. Passion, genuine, and caring are three words that appear in every sentiment written about him.”