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2015 Alumni Outstanding Teacher Awards

Alumni Outstanding Teacher awards are bestowed by the UT Alumni Association to recognize teaching excellence.

Paul Armsworth

Paul ArmsworthPaul Armsworth, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, aims to keep students engaged and thinking creatively even in a lecture-style class. He approaches each session with concern and care. He frequently alerts his students of relevant events and seminars, and he encourages students to take charge of their own education. A student wrote, “Dr. Armsworth truly goes above and beyond any professor I have encountered at UT. He shows a dedication to teaching and mentoring that is seen at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He encourages students to interact with each other in order to build a sense of camaraderie among students and liven up what could otherwise be a dull lecture-based class.”

Katy Chiles

Katy ChilesKaty Chiles, associate professor of English, teaches and writes about African American and Native American literature, early American literature and culture, and critical race theory. She is affiliated with the Africana Studies and American Studies programs, and teaches a variety of courses. Her broad knowledge, combined with her ability to make material accessible, sets her apart as an teacher. She facilitates important open discussions about slavery, racial stereotypes, and racial relations. A student wrote, “Sometimes professors have such expertise in the subject they teach that it is detrimental to the students’ learning, because the professors are unable to simplify and explain the information in terms that students can grasp. Chiles does not have this issue at all. My favorite part about her class is the open, honest facilitated discussions we have on difficult topics. Being able to openly express my opinions without backlash and hearing those of my peers without judgment is rewarding, insightful, and a valuable part of education.”

Sadie Hutson

Sadie HutsonSadie Hutson, associate professor of nursing, focuses on active learning and collaboration. She doesn’t talk at her students; she talks with them. Through these conversations, students learn and form their own opinions. Students also benefit from her research endeavors, including a project to improve access to care for HIV/AIDS patients. One student wrote, “Hutson inspires her students to follow their dreams, but most importantly gives them the tools to achieve them. Her encouragement, guidance, and wisdom go beyond the call of the average faculty member because she wants her students to succeed not only in her class but in all areas of their academic and personal lives.”

Jennifer Morrow

Jennifer MorrowJennifer Morrow’s philosophy of teaching has four principles: Create a collaborative—not competitive—learning environment, apply lessons to real-world scenarios, encourage critical thinking, and adopt an apprenticeship model. Morrow is an associate professor and coordinator of the Evaluation, Statistics, and Measurement program in the College of Education, Health, and Human Sciences. Her emphasis on collaborative work and critical application makes her a favorite among students. One wrote, “Morrow is the perfect example of an outstanding teacher. She takes additional time to help students through issues and is always available for students. She has an open-door policy and I have always been able to go to her with questions or problems, both academic and nonacademic. Her passion to see me succeed motivates me and challenges me to be better every single day.”